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17 Jul

It is my contention that “potlucks” should be renamed to “pot-unlucks.”  Why?  Because I’m a perfectionist, that’s why.  And I spend more time than I want to admit pouring over recipe books because secretly, I want to have that *one* recipe over which everyone ogles… 

…that *one* recipe that has relative after relative coming to ask how you made it.  That *one* recipe you overhear (or eavesdrop) Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben praising at the next table.  That *one* recipe that actually looks delectable despite the meager presentation provided by a styrofoam plate.  That *one* recipe that doesn’t ooze and mix disgustingly with your adjacent mashed potatoes.  That *one* recipe that lives up to even Grandma’s standards.  And I know, ladies and gents, you all secretly want to have that *one* too.

Which is why I’m here to announce…





Marbled Cheesecake with Cocoa Crumb Crust

From Great American Brand Name Baking, page 150

I apologize for blowing your mind, but it tastes even better than it looks.